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Today, Beautycounter is announcing 2 new product additions to their baby and kids line of products.

  1. Calming Diaper Rash Cream
    This hypoallergenic formula is made with safer ingredients. It is preservative, paraben, phthalate, soy, nut, and gluten-free. Non-nano zinc oxide helps relieve and prevent redness, inflammation, and irritation. Tapioca starch absorbs excess moisture caused by diapers while helping maintain skin’s softness and smoothness. Shea butter and jojoba oil moisturize and nurture delicate skin. $18 
  2. Classic Diaper Bag
    Carry all of baby’s essentials in a stylish canvas diaper bag, featuring a classic navy exterior and striped interior lining. Big enough to carry all the necessary items, plus it includes a changing pad, canvas pouch and plenty of pockets for ease and organization. $98

Keep reading below for a detailed review of the products and free gift with purchase!

Here’s what Liz Wolfe, author of the best-seller Eat the Yolksand blogger at Real Food Liz has to say about Beautycounter’s new diaper rash cream and our new diaper bag. She has a more in-depth post on this subject as well her suggestions for baby powder. 

It’s AFFORDABLE and it’s NEUTRAL. The only thing little tiny babies need in the diaper area is:
1. a barrier and
2. a conditioner to protect their skin from the fact that they’re having to potty all over themselves in a diaper that holds their waste against their skin (sorry, graphic image, but it’s true – we need cream to protect them from their diapers, basically, especially diapers that use chemical gels to absorb)

They also need naked time, but that’s outside the scope of this post. So, they need zinc to protect as a barrier and some beeswax/shea to condition the skin.

They don’t need lots of essential oils, which many “Crunchy” creams have. With babies, I think it’s so important to start as neutral as possible. When you start out using balms that contain any essential oil, from tea tree to lavender, directly on the skin, baby might end up experiencing irritation BECAUSE of those oils. Hydrosols and soothing herbs are fine, but not likely to be found in most creams.

On the other side, drugstore creams have the same important ingredient as the Beautycounter rash cream – zinc – but a bunch of other industrial ingredients that are probably neutral, BUT they’re also often petroleum derivatives, preservatives, etc…

So, Beautycounter has created a really perfect, neutral, no-nonsense cream. Tapioca starch should help absorb excess moisture and silica helps with consistency and is also very safe. I’m SO GLAD they went this direction instead of trying to be fancy schmancy.

Sometimes it’s more important what you DON’T add to a formulation than what you DO. This cream is elegantly simple, everything we need, nothing we don’t.

By the way, for the worst, stubborn, awful rashes, I throw all the above out the window and use Calmoseptine. Don’t mess around with stubborn rashes – they can get infected. The point of an everyday cream like this is to keep those rashes from happening.

Sadly, I don’t think people who use cloth diapers can use zinc creams without using a liner. They’re limited in options for barrier creams, but generally, I’ve heard that cloth diapers are SUPPOSED to be more breathable, making the need for a barrier less. This was not my experience, but in theory, it makes sense. I would suggest anyone with a baby experiencing chronic irritation in cloth diapers needs to check out Fluff Love University.

About the diaper bag: I LOVE this bag! It’s a wide, deep canvas bag. Since we aren’t schlepping a lot of infant stuff anymore, I’m actually using it as a combo laptop/office bag/toddler essentials bag. Here’s why it’s awesome:
1. It has a long strap for over-the-shoulder AND 2 smaller straps for over-the-arm. PLUS…
2. It has ZIPPER CLOSURE. I searched high and low for a diaper bag or a purse with both #1 and #2 and never really found one that was big enough to serve both functions.
3. A TON of internal pockets all around the perimeter. POCKETS POCKETS POCKETS…plus the inside is very roomy. So many diaper bags have a ton of small pockets and no BIG pocket. I can fit all my office-y things in the pockets and my laptop/books/notebooks in the big pocket. Plenty of space for diapers, wipes, bottles, squeeze packs, snacks, etc.
4. WIPE-ABLE changing pad. While I like those anti-microbial ones, you can never actually wipe anything OFF of them. It’s like everything soaks in, but you’re supposed to be ok with it since it’s anti-microbial
5. Little zipper bag that ATTACHES to the inside of the bag so you don’t lose it. Nice touch!

None of the fancy cooler pockets or stroller strap or backpack straps like Petunia Pickle Bottom. This is much less Petunia/Vera Bradley and much more casual-tote-feeling. I found, though, that after about 6 months I didn’t care about any of these things anymore. This is really a multi-functional bag. It also doesn’t “stand up” easily and I wish the bottom had some kind of coating or “feet” to protect it and help it stand up.

I think Liz’s comments are great and very informative. I use the Soothing Baby Oil every day mixed with our Hydrating Body Lotion all over my body.

If you are wondering what the diaper bag is made of here is direct information from Beautycounter HQ:
WHAT IS THE BAG MADE OF: We use cotton canvas for the shell instead of leather because we avoid using animal products whenever possible. For the waterproof coating, we used PEVA and, for the vegan leather trim and handles, we used PU. PEVA is generally considered to be a safer alternative to PVC. PU does not contain the volatile compounds that are in PVC-based products. PVC is a versatile plastic that we prohibit in our products. It’s often the material behind vegan leather or a waterproof coating on a changing pad. This material is also one of the most toxic plastics. Its ability to leach phthalates (DEHP) can cause asthma in children and have adverse effects on airways and immunologic systems, amongst other things. We’re always looking for better alternatives to meet our community’s needs and values. We believe polyurethane (PU) is the better option for vegan based, durable material at this time. We’re hoping vegetable oil based polyurethane will be on the market very soon. Until then we’re doing our due diligence.


WHY IS THE BAG MADE IN CHINA? We always strive to source and manufacture all our products in the US, whenever possible. In this case, our Diaper Bag was made in China to utilize existing relationships with trusted manufacturers. As a B Corporation, rest assured that we continually look for the best, most ethical and sustainable options for all sourcing and manufacturing.

Contact me today to purchase these items! Don’t forget that I posted yesterday about my new pink makeup I’m loving.

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