Stand Up To Cancer and Cabana Life

Beautycounter has partnered with Stand Up To Cancer and Cabana Life to bring awareness to sun safety.

Stand Up To Cancer, also known as SU2C, makes great strides not only in cancer awareness but in cancer prevention, and seeks to generate funding to support accelerated research that gets groundbreaking new therapies to cancer patients faster. This year marks our third partnering with this amazing organization and we’ve collaborated on an educational campaign to help you practice sun safety.

We’re also partnering with Cabana Life, a clothing company that spreads awareness about UV protection while offering chic swimwear and clothing with a UPF 50+ rating that blocks 98% of UVA & UVB rays. Use and share code BCPROTECT and enjoy 20% off the entire purchase. Offer is valid until July 30, 2017.

And don’t forget to purchase your Beautycounter sunscreen from me! Contact me to get in on my July freebies.

Our Safer Fun in the Sun Infographic is complete with skin cancer facts and practical steps for a safer summer in the sun. It’s perfect to print out for socials or hand out to your community.

NEW Beautycounter Moisturizer – Countermatch

Freebie info at the bottom of this post!


  • Squalane: derived from olives, it draws moisture into the skin and visibly restores elasticity.
  • Phytic Acid: sourced from green rice, this gentle exfoliator boosts radiance and helps skin breathe for a natural-looking glow.
  • Plum Oil: moisturizes and nourishes. Salicylic acid: helps even skin tone.
  • Arginine: found naturally in beet root, it provides nutrients and energy for vibrant, healthy skin.

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Kristin Ess Haircare Review

For the majority of my teen and adult life, I’ve been trying to find the perfect products for my hair. I was reading in a magazine that Kristin Ess, celebrity hairstylist, had a new budget haircare line coming out at Target. Like I needed another reason to go to Target. Just the cute products in the less than $5 bins at the front of the store get me every time with junk I don’t need.

I love my Beautycounter shampoo and conditioner, so I’m not deviating from that. Styling products are what I’m in search of. So, I placed my order online, and I’ve been using it for about two months now.

Kristin is the founder of beauty site The Beauty Department. She is also a major social media influencer and stylist to clients including Lauren Conrad and Lucy HalePeople magazine did a short interview of sorts with Kristin and The Everygirl blog also did a very nice post. Allure magazine writes in depth about how this line is going to be major. Kristin has gorgeous red hair that I envy a lot. I mean A. LOT. Good products don’t always equate to me having beautiful hair though. I’ve pretty much given up that idea as I get older. I just want easy. Ain’t nobody got time to spend an hour on hair in the morning and primp it all day long like I used to.

As much as I like this line, it still isn’t the one, and I’ll tell you why below.

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