About Me

I’m a lipstick hoarder and Beautycounter consultant. An avid reader of historic novels, biographies, romance novels, and well, let’s be honest, my love of reading means I’ll read the back of a shampoo bottle. My favorite scent is lime and coconuts. I’d love a full passport and a bottomless Coca-Cola. 

I’m not an Atlanta native but I might as well be as I’ve lived here 27 of my 45 years. 

Why the blog name Dixie Flapper? I’m a quirky Southern gal with a rebel heart to the core and love all things southern. One branch of my family has been in the South since 1628! I love travel and adventure but you’ll never take the South out of this girl. I’ve lived in L.A. (Lower Alabama), the Big D (Dallas), and the Peach State. Those experiences will lend themselves to me writing about this changing American South I love so much. I also love doing product reviews so you’ll read a bunch of that as well.

And Flapper? Well, the 1920s were a wonderful decade that this history buff has always been fascinated with. Flappers were rebels with an attitude, bucked the system, voted, became rule breakers, and paved the way for today’s modern woman. Flappers wanted women’s rights and danced their hiney’s off to Jazz! They were rebelling against the older generation who had successfully lobbied to ban alcohol and sought to repress immoral behavior. No matter, the speakeasies came to their rescue.  The girls donned themselves in shorter skirts, long pearls, and the must have cropped bob. They were fun loving, had their own lingo, and had the air that they didn’t give a hoot what anybody thought of them.  These gals were all about the sass! I totally would have been a flapper. Plus, I love T-Strap shoes, pearls, and a cloche. 

What fires me up?

  • pink
  • reading
  • music (and I love it all…….well, maybe except for gangsta rap……I don’t like that)
  • tech geeky stuff
  • reading
  • old movies (Rita Hayworth, Maureen O’Hara, Paul Newman, John Wayne, Liz, Marilyn, and on and on)
  • being organized and efficient
  • libraries, bookstores, books, reading, reading, reading, and more reading
  • history; primarily Southern USA, medieval European, Vikings, Scotland
  • historic preservation
  • archaeology
  • reading
  • Indiana Jones
  • women with moxie
  • carnations
  • the smell of limes and coconut oil
  • watercolor art
  • architecture
  • graphic design, home/interior design, jewelry design……….design!
  • Paris
  • weddings
  • stickers
  • marriage equality
  • reading
  • quilts
  • Elizabeth Gilbert
  • fonts, typography, and calligraphy
  • pens and pencils (yes, I’m geeky)
  • pretty paper and stationary
  • sweet tea
  • diamonds
  • fabric and ribbons
  • did I say reading?

Little known facts:

  • I used to roller skate competitively in the 80s. Seriously.
  • I can roll my tongue.
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday.
  • Sometimes, there is nothing that can move me like classical music can.
  • I’m also a former gymnast and softball player.
  • I’m still waiting for the day all my freckles will grow together and I’ll have a really good tan.
  • I have a tattoo of Texas with a yellow rose going through it.
  • I’m not shy and I like to have a good time…………..but, I’m very introverted. I’m perfectly happy being alone and yet I’m never lonely.
  • I’m an atheist.